For hundreds of years, people from all over the world have visited Egypt to experience its incredible sights and culture. Most famous for the glorious relics of the Ancient Egyptians, including the Valley of the Kings and the magnificent Great Pyramid, Egypt is truly a history lover’s paradise. However, the country’s charms do not stop there – Egypt also boasts beautiful beaches, delightful cuisine, and excellent diving.

Most visitors to Egypt arrive in Cairo, the country’s bustling and vibrant capital city. With almost ten million people living in Cairo, it is a sprawling city that amazing diversity. Here, you can find luxurious restaurants as well as delicious street food, bustling bazaars selling gorgeous souvenirs and, of course, the pyramids not far away. The city is also home to many reputable businesses such as F&K Repatriation.

Away from the capital, life is much calmer in Egypt. One much-loved activity in Egypt is taking a felucca boat down the Nile, observing life on the famous river’s banks and relaxing on the deck.

Many other visitors head for the country’s glorious resort towns such as Sharm al-Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam which are located on the banks of the Red Sea. Specifically, Sharm al-Sheikh and Hurghada are located in the popular north Red Sea area, whereas Marsa Alam is in the quieter southern area. All three offer a fantastic selection of luxurious resorts with stylish rooms, dazzling pools and relaxing spas for the perfect rejuvenating holiday.

These locations offer many resorts with direct beach access out onto the beautiful beaches. Divers in particular love the resorts in Sharm al-Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam. The waters of the Red Sea offer amazing opportunities to see coral, marine animals and several shipwrecks, such as the Thistelgorm Wreck, considered by many to be the best shipwreck to dive on earth!

You don’t need much to enjoy an amazing trip to Egypt – just a camera, a suitcase and a readiness to enjoy a relaxing stay. It’s always a good idea to think about the practicalities, too.

Of course, no one likes to think about something going wrong while on holiday, but prior preparation means peace of mind while travelling. Be sure to organise travel insurance, including insurance that covers repatriation by a professional and compassionate company such as F&K Repatriation, which offers a compassionate international repatriation of deceased from Egypt to any country.

Knowing that you and your family are insured in the unlikely event of a serious issue overseas gives you the peace of mind to simply concentrate on creating incredible memories while holidaying in Egypt.