F&K Repatriation Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy, we are referring to F&K Repatriation with the term we’ or us.’

We cherish your privacy, and we are devoted to keeping your data secure and managing according to our legal responsibilities under applicable information protection acts.

Kindly read this privacy policy statement carefully as it encompasses vital information that will assist you to know how and why we process any private information that we receive from you

What data we Collect

We handle private data which we receive from you:

  • As a client to deliver you with repatriation services
  • To answer your request on our website, in text or over the phone
  • If you ask for information or help

What private data we process

This contains:

  • Private particulars such as your name, phone number, email address, passport information, home address, birth certificate data and financial info which contains your bank account.

Usage of your data

We use your information to:

  • Offer you with repatriation services
  • Offer and service your requests
  • Observe with legal requirements where we are obligatory to verify your identity and legally reveal your private information to governing authorities

We will process your data where we have legitimate importance to do so, where we have your agreement, where we are allowed by law or to observe with applicable law and regulation.

How we retain your personal information

We will maintain your personal information by applicable laws. We will take reasonable steps to destroy or anonymize personal information we no longer need for the purposes we have set above.

How we share your data

Where essential or needed we may need to share your private information with:

  • Embassy in Cairo as their super-legalization is obligatory to finalize the documentation
  • Airlines to book your travel schedules
  • Interpreters to interpret documents you may need in another language
  • Regulatory authorities to conform to our legal requirements

These parties may be located in Egypt or anywhere in the world. When we transfer your private information outside, we will enact the regular contractual duties on the receivers of that information to keep your private information to the standard required.

Data Security

We went the extra mile and invested proper resources to safely guide your private data, from loss, misuse, unsanctioned access, alteration or exposé. However, no internet-based website can be 100% safe, and we cannot be held responsible for unsanctioned or unintended access that is afar our control.

Keep informed

We will guide this Privacy Statement under evaluation and make up-to-date every time. Any slight alterations to this Privacy Statement will be dispatched on this page, and we will converse any significant modifications to you.


Where a connection is provided to other sites, it should be well-known that they are not and cannot be ruled by our Privacy Statement. We cannot assure your privacy when you log on to other sites via any link provided on this site.

Your Privileges

You have the privilege to demand copies of your private data within our supervision and control and particulars of how we use that information. If you think any of the private data we hold about you is inaccurate, you may also request to modify or delete it. You also have a right, in certain conditions, to object to our processing of your private data, to require us to stop processing your private data and/or to withdraw your agreement to processing based on ‘consent’, but this does not apply where we have other lawful reasons to continue processing your information or an overriding legitimate interest.

Regarding all of these privileges, please write to us.

Complaints Process

If you have a complaint about how we have handled your private data, you may contact us, and we will investigate your complaint.

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