Thinking about what your company would do in the event of a death of an employee is not easy, but it is absolutely crucial. A failure to prepare for how you would repatriate the remains of an employee could result in delays, expensive costs and heartache for everyone involved.

The passing of a person is always an emotional and difficult time however it can be made even more difficult by the complexities of international repatriation. When a person passes away abroad, it is necessary to navigate through different country’s laws, transport systems and regulations.

In order to repatriate the deceased, it is necessary to organise various documents including death certificates and embalming credentials. This can be difficult, especially if you do not speak the language or are not familiar with the Egyptian system.

Luckily, F&K Repatriation offers a professional and empathetic service to repatriate deceased remains from Egypt to any country. Many multinational companies trust F&K Repatriation, knowing that their professional and experienced team can navigate the red tape and ensure that the process is as efficient as possible.

F&K Repatriation will take control of ensuring that the deceased returns to any country in the world, while also providing frequent updates so as to ensure peace of mind for both your company and the employee’s loved ones.

The professional team at F&K Repatriation sympathetically attend to everything necessary, starting with working with local funeral homes to ensure the deceased person is respectfully treated according to their faith and customs. Once arrangements are made, F&K Repatriation ensures that the deceased is safely transported to their loved ones.

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While many other repatriation companies are limited in the countries they work with, F&K Repatriation can return remains to anywhere in the world. The company has extensive experience working internationally, and is part of a global network of responsible and ethical companies.

F&K Repatriation’s reputation stems not only from its professional and empathetic service, but also its ability to offer a cost-effective service. With competitive corporate rates, F&K Repatriation can ensure that the process of returning the deceased to their loved ones is cost-effective and efficient.

Overall, it is crucial to have a plan in place for how to repatriate the remains of a deceased employee, and F&K Repatriation are the first choice to ensure the process is as efficient, thoughtful and cost-effective as possible.