Repatriation to Saint Barthélemy

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Repatriation to Saint Barthélemy

Unlike any other repatriation company, our services are not limited to some countries. At F&K we provide repatriation service to all states all over the world at a lower cost without compromising the quality of service. Consumer satisfaction is our watchword, and we do all to achieve it.

Mobility of Deceased

At F&K when transporting your dead body or deceased to anywhere, we work with funeral directors in Egypt, assistance organizations and consulate you to get all necessary document that makes sure it in line with the standard or rules and regulation of the country.

Our Requirements

At F&K repatriation we believe repatriation of deceased of the late from one country to another should honor local etiquette where the person passed away, and also local requirements at the final destination. Documentation generally includes but is not limited to:

  • Native certificate of death
  • Embalming credential
  • Embalming credential
  • Liberty from infection certificate
  • License for the state of destination if needed
  • Approval to transport the person out of nation

At F&K international repatriation, to arrangement flight is comfortable and take not much time. Contact us at any time if you need additional information.

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